Why A New Home Is Better Than Building on the Sunshine Coast

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British Columbia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast draws tourists and would-be home owners from around the world, and with good reason. This region is awash in natural beauty, fresh culture, and safe, family-friendly communities. And that’s not to mention all those sunny ocean views.

If you’re thinking about moving to the Sunshine Coast, you’ve made an excellent choice!

But if you are thinking about building a new home on the Sunshine Coast, you may want to consider purchasing a new home instead. Here’s why.

Building A New Home On The Sunshine Coast

Building a new home on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast may seem tempting, but would-be builders should know this process is very expensive and can be very time consuming.

The first issue with building a home on the Sunshine Coast is that land here can be very costly. This is especially true for well established cities on the southern end of the coast, such as Sechelt. The land-only market on the Sunshine Coast is hot – and expensive. In fact, the average price of land is $423,000.

And of course, that doesn’t factor in the cost of land prep, which can be even more expensive.

And it also doesn’t take into account how time consuming this process can be. Most reputable home builders on the Sunshine Coast are booked up for a least a year. That means it will be a least a year before you can even start building.

And building in the District of Sechelt is notoriously time consuming as well, with an abundance of extra costs and regulations to consider.

Home Buying Options In Sechelt

The reality is that building a new home, especially in Sechelt (or anywhere on the Sunshine Coast of B.C.) is often more trouble than it’s worth. But we understand why it’s tempting. Everyone dreams of having a home that is tailor-made for them. The reality, though, is that tailor-made homes require a lot of work, even if you’re not the builder! That’s because making all the decisions that go into building and customizing a new home build can be incredibly challenging and anxiety-provoking.

Thankfully, anyone looking to move to the beautiful seaside town of Sechelt has another option that gives you all the benefits of a custom-built home without any of the hassle.

SilverStone Heights is a community of thoughtfully planned 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom single-family dwellings.  These desirable homes offer many noteworthy features, ranging from lavish chef kitchens with generous islands and pantries to spacious ensuites with ‘His and Her’ sinks.

And one of the best features of SilverStone Heights for those who have their hearts set on a customized home: these homes offer many options for a personalized touch.

For example, you can choose between three sophisticated colour palettes to make your new home truly ‘you.’

You’ll also have the choice of 2 trim packages, along with many affordable and convenient upgrade options as well.

All that comes in a walkable, ocean view community that is minutes away from town, a newly updated hospital, and all the amenities you’ll need. If the warm, community-centred charm of coasting living is what you’ve been craving, this is it.

SilverStone Heights is a master planned community of ocean view properties that are perfect for all ages in Sechelt, B.C.. To learn more or book a showing, please contact us.

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